How to Prepare for a Long Work Commute

How to Prepare for a Long Work Commute
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    Despite the state of the world right now, some people still must physically go to work.

    In fact, a large portion of your day could be completely dedicated to just getting to your place of business.


It can be difficult to keep yourself in the right mindset for work when you have what seems like endless stretches of road ahead of you, especially first thing in the morning. In order to get your day started right, here are a few tips on how to prepare for a long work commute.

Plan Out Your Route

Perhaps the most important first thing to do is to plan out your route well in advance. Not only do you want to find a way that will get you to work the fastest, but you will need alternate routes as well.

A long commute means timing is important. You do not want to be stuck in construction traffic on your perfectly planned route when you could have found an alternate, time-saving pathway.

Consider other factors such as tolls, traffic, and road conditions if you really want to make the most of your drive.

Keep Up With Car Maintenance and Preparation

If you do not have a convenient public transit option, your car is going to see a lot of use. Therefore, keeping up with oil changes, tire rotations, and other maintenance is essential.

Clocking so many miles going to and from work can really strain a car’s life cycle. If you work in a place with extreme seasonal weather, this becomes even more important.

Always keep an eye on the weather for the next day and do whatever you can to prepare for the worst.

Craft Your Ideal Car Environment

At home or at work, your environment is often tailored to others’ needs or desires. In your car, feel free to have the run of the place. Find the best music for your morning and have it ready to blast on your way to work.

Have a funny or informational podcast queued up on your phone. Call someone who you know will help start your day right. Maybe even pick up a new skill such as learning a new language if that helps wake you up.

Take Advantage of Fuel Rewards

Just like in business, you need to make your problems work for you instead of against you. Knowing which gas stations that you will frequent can help you decide the right fuel reward points program to sign up for.

other valuable tips:

This way, not every dollar spent on getting to and from work is flushed down the drain. If you pass by the same gas station every day and you are not signed up for their rewards program, your money is falling right out of your pocket.

A long drive can be mind-numbing in some of the worst ways. Remember—when preparing for your long work commute, you do not have to suffer silently. Keep these tips in mind and your drive will become second nature—and maybe even enjoyable—in no time.

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