How To Attract Hotel Guests During the Pandemic

How To Attract Hotel Guests During the Pandemic
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    In the strange times we are living in, many businesses are having to figure out new methods that will help them survive and continue to thrive.


Hotels have been heavily impacted by the current situation; however, now that many businesses and facilities have begun to reopen, there are new ways to pull in business. Figuring out a new business plan that adheres to COVID-19 concerns can help your hotel devise measures that will ensure a comfortable experience for guests.

Here, we will discuss how to attract hotel guests during the pandemic.

Shift Your Target Audience

As we have learned, the COVID-19 virus is most dangerous to older individuals. For this reason, older generations are going to be some of the most unlikely travelers. Hotels will be better off marketing and focusing on the younger generations.

There are still a lot of young people looking to go on small trips and visit families in other states. This plan may not be necessary for the long term, but it will be imperative for the next several months at least.

A helpful way to attract younger patrons could involve implementing the use of apps and programs that are used for entertainment by young people.

When you have something specific to offer that target audience, it will make your hotel stand out to them among the others.

Consider Attracting Staycationers

Hotels, especially those in regions where the numbers of COVID-19 cases are lower, should consider looking to attract locals that are wanting to get out of their house but don’t want to go far, also known as staycationers.

With this, your business needs to consider that guests likely want to limit their contact with others, so consider some special package offers to keep them comfortable in their own rooms. For example, think about pairing with special apps that provide in-room entertainment.

Enact Loyalty Programs

If you’re wondering how to attract hotel guests during the pandemic, never forget the idea of loyalty programs. These have proven successful with many major hotel brands over the years, so it will likely work for you.

Use the loyalty programs to reach out to guests and tell them about special gifts your hotel has to offer, such as a discounted upgrade, free breakfast, or extra free night. This shows your guests how much you care about them and value their business.

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Spice Up Your Curb Appeal

Utilizing a good hotel curb appeal always helps to attract customer attention. This might not be a bad time to do some important renovation and make some specific changes. Giving your property an attractive makeover can do wonders.

Those customers still looking for a getaway will be even more drawn to your hotel when it presents an exciting new look. Investigate some ways to improve your hotel’s curb appeal, and look for ways to create a fresh environment that will entice guests who have been cooped up so long at home.

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