Easy Ways To Improve Your Semi Truck’s Efficiency

Easy Ways To Improve Your Semi Truck’s Efficiency
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    There are many big names in the trucking industry, but not every truck on the road is part of some nationwide trucking chain. Maybe your logistics operation is small but mighty.


That means, now more than ever, every penny counts, and you can’t afford to leave money on the road.

Fuel inefficiency is one of the top money sinks of any trucking operation, big or small. Diesel fuel is expensive and prone to becoming more expensive any day, so you shouldn’t want your drivers to waste a drop.

Luckily, it only takes a few improvements to your drivers’ habits and hardware to keep that needle away from ‘E’ and your money out of the pump. Here are some easy ways to improve your semi truck’s efficiency.

Aftermarket Parts

As truck parts wear out, don’t feel restricted to using manufacturer parts. Aftermarket parts can offer higher quality at a better value.

Take, for instance, your truck’s lights. Lights don’t power themselves, of course, and factory-standard lights tend not to be the most efficient. LED lights do more with less.

This means less battery power and less gas. A full assortment of aftermarket parts could be better for the trucks in your fleet.

Monitor Tire Pressure

Trucks that drive on underinflated tires work harder—too hard, as a matter of fact. Worst of all, the only thing you have to show for this hard work is burning more fuel.

While many trucks will automatically notify drivers when tire pressure dips to a critical low, tires don’t need to reach an extreme level before they start being inefficient or dangerous. Make sure drivers keep tires inflated to the proper pressure. It’s not only better for fuel efficiency, but it’s critical to safety, too.

Reduce Idling

Idle hands may be the devil’s tools, but idling trucks are the oil companies’ moneymaker. Trucks will have to spend some time idling, of course, but the key is to instruct drivers to keep this to a minimum. There’s no faster way to waste gas than by running the engine without actually going anywhere.

Plan Efficient Routes

One of the appeals of commercial driving is being able to see cityscapes and countrysides around America. That’s an important perk, to be sure, but the routes your drivers take still have to make sense from a fuel-economy standpoint.

other valuable tips:

When drawing up routes, leave the scenic routes to the Sunday drivers. Meanwhile, make sure your drivers follow the most sensible and streamlined routes possible, avoiding doubling back or getting stuck in tedious rush hours.

Don’t Overload

Chief among the easy ways to improve your semi truck’s efficiency is to not overload your trucks. Sometimes, it makes more sense to push your load to the limit rather than make two trips, but habitually overloading trucks will drain your gas tanks and wear out your fleet. This is where the pennies you save on gas are no match for the dollars you’ll prematurely spend on a brand-new truck.

Image Credit: improve your semi truck efficiency by Pixabay

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