Tips for Managing a Successful Truck Fleet

Tips for Managing a Successful Truck Fleet
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    If you want to run a trucking company, you must focus on success to keep your products moving and reaching their destinations on time.

    Become the leader you need to be to run a fleet of diverse drivers and their vehicles by honing your own management skills.


Prepare yourself and your business for anything with these tips for managing a successful truck fleet and raise the standards for your competition.

Equip Trucks with Reliable GPS

Tracking trucks with GPS is easier than ever in this era of advanced technology. Make your drivers’ jobs easier by providing them with GPS systems that allow you to watch their route while also helping them find the best routes around truck-specific obstacles.

GPS-enabled trucks will be aware of road blockages and weight limits before it’s too late. With this early knowledge, they can plot a new route based on suggestions and conserve time they would otherwise spend in a time-consuming jam.

Keep Trucks Maintained

Your company’s reputation hinges on the ability of your trucks to handle their cargo and the long haul. Whether you put the truck’s maintenance on your drivers, yourself, or a maintenance crew, it’s essential that someone completes the job.

Require write-ups that detail the vehicle’s mileage along with any problems the driver may have had during their drive. If you handle the maintenance yourself, make note of any issues and schedule the next maintenance far ahead of time.

Remember, your truck fleet requires extra care during the freezing winter months. Keep your drivers safe by taking care of their vehicles and providing them with the right equipment.

Stay Organized at the Office

The business may be all about the trucks and your drivers, but they need an organized central hub to come back to after each job. Keep your office organized to keep workflow moving smoothly. Have a visible schedule with all current jobs and their assignees.

Try to keep everyone on the same page as the company moves through its routines and processes. The more your office works like a well-oiled machine, the easier it’ll be to keep drivers moving from job to job.

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Focus on Safety and Communication

Many things can go wrong in the trucking industry and part of your job is to prevent accidents to the best of your ability. Clearly display all company safety precautions and procedures for drivers and office workers to see at all time.

Include privacy policies along with other rules—such as recommended driving rules. Gently remind your drivers to represent the company in a good light with their driving and common courtesy in public areas.

It’s difficult to keep an eye on your drivers while they’re on the job but keeping the policies in visible areas or in the trucks themselves can help. Check in with drivers when possible to ensure everything is okay.

Caring about the safety of your drivers is an essential tip for managing a successful truck fleet.

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