Important Fleet Vehicle Care Tips for the Summer

Important Fleet Vehicle Care Tips for the Summer
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    The heat that comes with summer is tough on any car, truck, or van.

    Because you don’t drive your business’s fleet vehicles every day, you may not recognize a summer-related car issue until it’s too late.


And a broken-down vehicle is more costly to your bottom line than a vehicle undergoing maintenance. If you want to keep your small fleet of company vehicles in good shape all summer, keep up with these important fleet vehicle care tips for the summer.

Reduce the chances of harmful downtime during the busiest season of the year.

Clean Out the Interior

No matter what your business specializes in, if you have fleet vehicles, they will inevitably get dirty. Refreshing your vehicles with a thorough cleaning once winter and spring are over will allow you to remove any weather-related grime along with the usual clutter or spills from drivers.

Don’t forget to dust off the dashboards—a dusty dash leads to a scratched-up dash due to the heat of sunlight interacting with the solid dust. Maintaining a clean dashboard as well as tidy seats and floors will help improve your drivers’ organization in their vehicles and also keep up your company’s image.

Perform Routine Vehicle Health Checkups

Before the heat of summer really kicks in, you must make your way through a maintenance checklist for each vehicle. Test the air conditioning, the oil levels, and the filters.

Look at the tires and check for damage or general wear and tear. If it’s storm season near you, consider replacing the wiper blades so drivers can keep doing their job while in the midst of a downpour.

Make sure you listen to your drivers—have they noticed any strange noises or warning lights coming on in the car recently? Get any repairs done as soon as you can to keep business moving smoothly.

It might help to take the vehicle for a drive yourself to check for any damage or concerning quirks.

Accessorize To Make Future Maintenance Easier

Any opportunity you can take to reduce the difficulty of your future vehicle maintenance is an effort well spent. Give your fleet vehicles an immediate upgrade by swapping to neoprene seat covers and installing bug screens on the grilles.

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Neoprene is one of the toughest seat cover materials available, and it will protect your fleet vehicle seats from all kinds of dirt, debris, and liquids.

With the right material of seat cover, you won’t have to use your precious time scrubbing the original upholstery of the vehicle; instead, all you’ll need to do is remove the covers and wash them separately.

The same goes for other protective accessories, such as floor mats and cupholder protectors. Making your work easier while tackling next year’s important fleet vehicle care tips for the summer will make your chores feel even more valuable—whether you’re handling them yourself or leaving them to your drivers.

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