Warehouse Equipment That Will Increase Productivity

Warehouse Equipment That Will Increase Productivity
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    With the recent advancements in technology and industrial facility practices, it's essential that you stay up to date with the emerging tools in your industry that could benefit your business. Check out this list of the different warehouse equipment that will increase productivity to explore what hardware investments you could make to improve your practices and procedures.


Conveyor Belts

The biggest hurdle for large warehouses is finding more efficient ways to transport merchandise throughout the facility in a timely fashion. Even if your business uses vehicles like forklifts, you can only have so many operating in a facility at once. Also, you must account for the time lost as each vehicle drives between loads. And that’s not even taking into account the training to teach employees how to operate heavy machinery; otherwise, you’re liable to have accidents in your warehouse.

You avoid many of these issues with a conveyor belt. So many industries rely upon conveyor belts to function because of their ability to constantly move and transport materials without a break in motion. A conveyor belt never gets tired, needs a break, or makes mistakes. This reliability is what makes conveyors so much more efficient at moving packages than forklifts or manual labor.


However, forklifts are still vital for the operation of a facility. You just need to pay attention to how you use forklifts. Rather than relying on them to transport goods throughout an entire facility, you can use them more efficiently to load and unload cargo or organize storage areas quickly. Forklifts are at their best when used as a supplementary tool to help employees; they shouldn’t be the only device employees have at their disposal.


An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is a robot that operates similarly to a forklift, but it is entirely automatic. Used in larger facilities, these robots follow lines on the floor to guide them throughout the facility. Since it is automated, it removes the human error potential of a forklift while moving more fluidly throughout a building than a conveyor belt system. Arguably the best part of having AGVs is that they continue working for your company throughout the night, so you can be productive even when your business is closed.

Bin-Picking AI

Unnecessary labor costs can eat away at a company’s bottom line, so it’s vital that you employ skilled workers who add unique value to your business. You’re wasting an employee’s potential by having them perform remedial and repetitive tasks that could easily be done by AI technology. Just a decade ago, AI was a tool only used by industry giants. However, advancements have the tech more universally available than ever before. Bin-picking robots can perform the same task as human employees in a more efficient manner, and you can reallocate that salary to training your staff in a role that requires the personal touch and skill that only they could provide.

Once you look through the warehouse equipment that will increase productivity, you can choose the tech or machinery that will help enhance your operation as it evolves into a larger operation.

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