Ways To Make Virtual Office Parties More Engaging

Ways To Make Virtual Office Parties More Engaging
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    Maintaining corporate culture and team cohesion has been challenging throughout the pandemic.

    Businesses that have been successful have discovered strategies to keep remote workers motivated and ensure they feel fully included in company affairs.


Company events have changed radically to address completely remote and hybrid workforces. This includes how businesses manage employee appreciation.

Consider these ways to make virtual office parties more engaging.

Make It Entertaining

Bad office parties used to involve mingling in person over drinks, carrying on awkward conversations while employees try to gauge whether they’ve hung around long enough to be credited with putting in an appearance. Bad virtual parties can fizzle in exactly the same way.

Make things interested in booking some live entertainment. Tease the event with messages to employees promising “an exciting special guest” and then make sure your guest is truly exciting!

There’s a good chance your team shares some enthusiasms for particular films, television shows, or styles of music.

Book a live online appearance by the actor who portrays a favorite character, a band that can play a few favorite tunes, or an entertainer who can provide a brief performance of magic or (office appropriate) comedy.

Send Out SWAG in Advance

Branded giveaways are a way to provide team cohesion when people can’t gather in person. Send out event-related SWAG in advance, so your employees receive their packages before the event.

If you’re hosting a tasting, a cooking class, or a game night, order branded glasses, aprons, or scorecards to complement the event.

There are many occasions to send SWAG to your team to keep them engaged and feeling included. Make sure the items are useful, fun, and durable, and invite employees to show off their hats, socks, t-shirts, or custom mugs during the event.

Hire a Host

Unsurprisingly, during the pandemic new businesses emerged devoted to hosting virtual events for you. They’ll conduct games, emcee entertainment, and keep your event moving from start to finish.

Or, if you’re blessed with multi-talented staff, ask them to form a committee and come up with music, entertaining videos, or live virtual skits that make good-hearted, gentle fun of your style as the company’s leader.

Provide Food

If you feed them, they will come. Arrange to have meal boxes delivered, so employees can cook together. Or, send a gift box of treats as an invitation to the event.

You can also sponsor breakfast or lunch with gift cards so employees can make their own selections and you won’t run afoul of allergies or restrictive food preferences.

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Stick to Time Parameters

One of the most practical ways to make virtual office parties more engaging is to start and finish on time. You are reaching into your employees’ homes and asking them to participate, often beyond normal office hours.

Include families if you can, and wrap things up on time. Remember the old show business adage, “Always leave them wanting more.” If your event is successful, your employees will want to stick around for the next one!

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