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The Secrets of Effective Content Marketing

The Secrets of Effective Content Marketing
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    Getting the word out about your enterprise can involve a number of methods, including small ads, word-of-mouth, and collateral marketing.

    Another way to raise awareness is to use your website as an information resource for your customers.


Indeed, if you have expertise and tips to share, you can write articles and reach people that way. This is known as content marketing.

Content marketing is sometimes misunderstood for what it is and for what it can do. However, if your content is especially good it will be read and shared. Moreover, your readers may respond to your calls to action, by purchasing your products or hiring you for your services.

To be most effective with content marketing, your writings should advance the following salient and secret points:

1. Magnetic headlines. It isn’t enough to write a headline and leave it at that. Articles should be well written, but the hook is the headline or what catches the attention of people and invites them to read on. There should be a magnetic draw that appeals to them. Check out Copyblogger for some examples on how to write engaging headlines.

2. Strong introductions. When you pick up a book to read the first time, you will quickly base your interest on that book by how the author laid out her first few paragraphs. If it is interesting, you will continue your reading. If you feel stifled, you’ll put the book down. The same can be said for your articles, but you’ll have even less time to convince people to stay with you. Write a knock out introductory paragraph and you will hook your readers.

3. Solve a problem. People get online looking for answers to problems. Here, you would provide tangible solutions to problems and provide that “ah ha!” moment readers want. Share your expertise and demonstrate to your readers that you care about them.

4. Keep it simple. The Internet provides a place for a variety of works to be published, ranging from the scholarly to the mundane. You should find a middle ground here in a bid to reach the most people. Deeply explanatory “how to” articles work best as they offer step-by-step instructions how to resolve a problem.

5. Speak to your audience. Keep your content personable by making it interesting, informative and engaging. Speak to your readers personally and include related photos, charts and videos. Encourage your readers to participate by leaving comments. Those that follow you online are also more likely to become your customers.

6. Invite readers to take action. As mentioned earlier, a call to action is critical to your readers. “Sign up for our newsletters.” “Call us for a free quote.” “Check out our discount page.” These and other calls to action will bring readers in.

Content Marketing

Of course, developing high quality writing takes time and talent. You may not have either. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to find that talent, typically an expert contractor and wordsmith who can assist you.

Look for someone who is experienced, understands keyword placement and how the search engines, particularly Google, can impact each article written.

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