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4 Ways to Market Your At-home Business Without Paying an Arm and Leg

4 Ways to Market Your At-home Business Without Paying an Arm and Leg
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    Marketing an at-home business is convenient because a business owner can forgo traffic and commute straight to the home office in pajamas to get the work day started.


Now, even though maintaining a business from home may have its perks, this doesn’t mean an at-home business owner only stays at home. If they’d like to see their business go far, this means they’ll have to hit the pavement and start putting their name on the street. There are a few ways to do this without paying an arm and a leg on marketing. Check out these four ways to get the job done.

1. Networking Events

Happy hour is a perfect time to hit the ritzy bars and mingle with lots of different working professionals. Be open to making connections and spread the net. In addition to visiting a few happy hours, register and attend local or national conferences within certain fields that would be beneficial. Be strategic and careful about what events to attend. Create a game plan for networking and see what comes from it.

2. Social Media

Social media marketing is incredibly convenient because it can be done from anywhere. As long as there is a Wi-Fi connection and a smart device or laptop, an entrepreneur holds the ability to use Facebook ads, shoot YouTube videos, post content to Instagram and tweet on Twitter. Maintain distinct hashtags to make it easier for clients to find the business. Create a strong social media campaign and watch the dollars trickle in with no added costs.

3. Business Cards

Business cards are always great to have on hand at networking events. However, business cards are also helpful when they are left in areas where people are more likely to notice them. For instance, if a mobile nail technician wants to grow their business doing manicures and pedicures, they might want to consider leaving their business cards at local fashion boutiques where women often shop. Choose eye-catching designs like the 4 Color Print Silkcards Extreme and place the cards right by the cash register (with the shop owner’s permission, of course).

4. Email

Email marketing is highly beneficial and brings lots of traffic to a business owner’s website. Email marketing is also known to turn potential customers into regular clients. It’s the most intimate way to consistently reach out to a potential client because most people get their emails sent directly to their phones. This means a lot of eyeballs will get to the message. This is one of the most powerful ways to run an inexpensive marketing campaign.

By using these concepts over time, there’s no doubt that an at-home business will grow leaps and bounds. As long as consistency, strategic planning and dynamic creativity come together, the sky is the limit!



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