The Business Key: Technology

The Business Key: Technology
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    Newer technologies- an area where a large portion of businesses lack.

    Sometimes it's hard for a small business to keep up on the latest trends and gadgets because it may seem like new devices are constantly being replaced by newer gadgets.


Though it might be a tough aspect to budget for, every business should ensure they are staying ahead of the competitors by utilizing newer gadgets.

By utilizing the newest trends, businesses can improve their customer retention rate. Besides, who wants to work with a company who still uses big box computers from the ninetys? Additionally, equipping your business with these devices can help to impress new customers, who may have never come into contact with the devices. Everyone loves to experiment with new iPads, tablets, and computers. By staying equipped, your business can stand out, and create a lasting first impression on new customers

Here are some of the things you should consider when increasing your technological leverage over your competitors:


iPads and tablets are an excellent tools for any business to utilize. They are portable, sleek, and generally much quicker than desktops and laptops. Additionally, specific apps can be downloaded for the iPad that cannot be found on a regular desktop computer.

Tablets have the capabilities to fit easily into your briefcase, and can be handy for completing on-the-go presentations and meetings for clients that businesses meet with, away from the office. They can also be excellent devices for storing vital customer information and data, with little risk of losing important information via cloud sharing.

Web presence

Building authority online is another important aspect that many businesses fail to consider. Creating a website that showcases your brand capabilities, and gives outsiders enough information to experience some of your product offerings can place you ahead of the competitors. In today’s modern society, websites and social profiles for a business are one of the first things that an outsider comes into contact with- so it’s important to make sure you shine!

Additionally, it’s important that a website participates in community activities and shows its support for outside causes. Donating to nonprofits, participating in volunteer opportunities, and showing support for other members of the community can be a vital aspect of a business’s community connection. Businesses should become involved with the local community- it will be surprising to see how many others follow the initiative.

Virtual capabilities

With the number of customers who are on the go, it’s important to meet the busy schedules of your customers. Many of a business’s best customers have demanding schedules, which may cause conflict when trying to schedule meetings.

A business should utilize low cost, or even free computer programs, such as skype and GoToMeeting. Though the meeting does not allow for face-to-face interaction, these programs can allow a business to interact with a customer, virtually anywhere. Additionally, a business can save money and time spent on the roads by utilizing these practices.

Staying ahead

In an ever changing, technologically driven society, it’s vital for a business to stay ahead of its competitors to retain customers, and improve customer acquisition rates. Many large scale organizations and businesses utilize some of the most recent technologies to help with these areas. What are some of the upcoming gadgets that can help to make a business improve its efficiency, even more?



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