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Business Security

5 Fantastic Ways to Create a Better, Safer Business

Companies are in business to meet sales and profit objectives and satisfy shareholders. But while you’re doing what’s best for the company, you must also make sure your real assets, your employees, stay healthy and happy to ensure your continued success.

Employee Issues

9 Tips to Handle Favoritism in The Workplace

It is very frustrating and humiliating when you realize that there is favoritism toward one of your workmate. You have a strong conviction that it is totally unfair and unacceptable, particularly if you see it happen openly.


Tips to Bring Your Factory Up-to-Date on the Newest Technology

Owners and administrators in the best factories throughout the world often update their tech to improve production. It doesn’t matter if you are a kitchen appliance, rubber, or vehicle manufacturer, any time lost during production adversely affects your bottom line.

Training & CE

Tricks for Training Your New Hires the Right Way

Every time a company hires a new employee, they are taking risks because the business either ends up with an excellent employee or a poor performer.


Should You Provide Food in Your Break Room?

Many employees’ mornings are spent counting down the hours until their lunch break, only dispersed by intermittent trips to the break room to fill up on their life-saving cups of instant coffee. Although an office is a place of work, does that mean you shouldn’t provide any amenities to your workers that they could obtain themselves? Not so.


Using Technology to Increase your Earning Potential and Live your Dreams

When you know how to use technology, it can improve your life and career. Your lifetime earnings are directly related to how well you understand and are able to use technology in your career.

Marketing Management

Brand Counterfeit: a 21st Century Issue

Brand counterfeit is becoming an increasing issue nowadays. Luxury brands lose millions of dollars annually because of counterfeit merchandise and patents prove to not be enough to protect a product from being replicated or challenged by competition.


The Business Key: Technology

Newer technologies- an area where a large portion of businesses lack. Sometimes it’s hard for a small business to keep up on the latest trends and gadgets because it may seem like new devices are constantly being replaced by newer gadgets.

Asset Management

Protect Your Business: Simple Steps That Can Prevent Major Disasters

Your business is your livelihood and a very expensive one. In some cases, it takes little money and minimal effort to improve its security significantly. Learn five simple steps that you should take to prevent disasters.

Business Security

Key Ways to Protect Your Business from all Angles

Thefts and security breaches are common threats to any company. Hackers can attack at any moment, along with physical thieves.