9 Tips to Handle Favoritism in The Workplace

9 Tips to Handle Favoritism in The Workplace
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    It is very frustrating and humiliating when you realize that there is favoritism toward one of your workmate.

    You have a strong conviction that it is totally unfair and unacceptable, particularly if you see it happen openly.


Chances are that you may become angry or lack the energy to perform at your best level.

The good news is that there are many ways on how you can handle such an experience in your workplace. However, it is worth to be cautious because it can lead to hatred if your approach is not professional.

Let’s Look at Some Tips:

  • Admit it Should Be Addressed
    If you are strongly convinced that favoritism is live and happening in your workplace, you should express your democratic right to ensure that fairness and reasonableness are restored. You are living with the fact that favoritism is unacceptable behavior that cannot be tolerated in any peaceful and productive working environment. That remains a fact.
  • Lodge a Case
    Start by evaluating all the possibilities about what could be leading to favoritism in your workplace. Gather evidence that it is in deed happening. In one way or another, favoritism is occurring at your workplace on a daily basis so that you and your colleagues can witness. It is recommendable to note all your observations with details about what is taking place, date and time.  Such information could be used to further investigations. Additionally, figure out and write somewhere how favoritism is affecting you and your colleagues.
  • Note the Afflicted
    If you know the best tips to make new friends at workplace, favoritism doesn’t have to be an option irrespective of your position or intentions in the company. Once you get enough proof, spot all the ones that are afflicted with the behavior. Discuss with your workmates about their feelings and experiences. Learn how they are trying to cope with the problem. Be ready to listen to their reactions about why you are concerned with the issue. Some may not have noticed or bothered at all. But certainly there are those who might be affected by the behavior.
  • Find a Viewpoint
    Discussing the behavior with colleagues will give a better viewpoint about their experiences about what is happening. Gather different views before you prepare the next course of action to take. It is highly recommendable to be cautions, lest it will backfire on you. With all the creative office designs in your workplace, discuss the issue with your workmates through in the same peer group, especially if favoritism is emanating from your boss. However, if you are making such a discussion with your junior workmates, their perceptions could be far from yours. Keep that in mind.
  • Gauge your Evidence
    Though it may be problematic, it’s ideal to gauge your evidence with objectivity. If you can’t present your facts clearly, there is no way you will reach at reasonable conclusions and come up with recommendations on what others should follow and come into a consensus. Your honesty has to be meticulous before you draw conclusions.
  • Design a Plan
    Come up with your next course of action and identify all the possible routes you can follow. Figure out what the results might be, and start with the end in mind. On that note, it’s worth reflecting on the best outcome. Who will be the beneficiaries? If you are not clear on this, rethink whether to proceed. Don’t pose yourself or workmates at risk in case it backfires.
  • Think of the Company
    Till here, we were looking at favoritism from a personal perspective. You as a person definitely can’t deal with this issue without involving your seniors. Think about how this issue will affect your team’s and organization’s objectives. Discuss the issue with someone you trust and try to identify the implications that can arise and how they can affect your organization.
  • Face Your Boss
    Your boss is the focal point when you are dealing with such an issue. If you have adequate evidence and have brainstormed what the outcome should be, forward your concerns to your boss. You can either do it alone or along other workmates who are willing. Don’t convey the message in an emotional way.
  • Take Instant Action
    With your boss aware of favoritism, change is imminent and you might even be involved in coming up with solutions. Share your expectations with your boss and make suggestions on what can be done in the future. Come clean on which behaviors should be observed in order to avoid recurrence of such an issue.


Favoritism is something natural that happens everywhere including homes, let alone organizations. It’s a tendency where people try to connect with other people and give or seek favor. However, it is best to address favoritism especially in our workplaces as it can have significant impacts on the performance of an institution.

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