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Common Problems with Excavators

Common Problems with Excavators
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    The construction industry utilizes many different types of heavy machinery to get the job done.

    One of the most common machines used in construction is the excavator.


There are many different types of excavators, and they can all do different jobs. Most construction sites will have at least one excavator working. While these are reliable and useful machines, they can exhibit issues that hinder construction efforts. Check out the most common problems with excavators.

Track Tension

Track tension is a very common issue for excavators of all sizes. Track tension affects excavators with rubber tracks, which are fairly common. When the rubber track loses its needed tension, there is more wear on both the track and its components. Eventually, this can lead to track sagging and a failure to work.

Hydraulic Pump Failure

Hydraulic pump failures are also common as a result of neglecting the hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic pump fails, the excavator can no longer run smoothly and can cause severe damage to the engine. Hydraulic pumps that begin to fail need to be replaced right away.

This can be a costly repair, but selling the excavator’s old hydraulic pump to be rebuilt can help to offset the cost. Replacing old or malfunctioning hydraulic pumps can keep excavators running for a long time.

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Lack of Upkeep

Lack of upkeep is the main killer of excavators on a job site. Excavators need regular maintenance to keep performing to the best of their ability. Oils and other fluids need frequent changing, and oil and dust should be cleared from the outside often to prevent arc flash and other dangerous consequences.

One way to ensure that an excavator is working to the best of its ability and is receiving regular maintenance is by keeping a log of upkeep procedures and when they were last completed.

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