Tips for Finding the Right Conveyor System for Your Facility

Tips for Finding the Right Conveyor System for Your Facility
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    A conveyor system can be a key component of manufacturing facilities. However, if you choose the wrong system, it's going to do more harm than help.


These tips for finding the right conveyor system for your facility will help you swiftly and successfully improve your workplace.

Don’t Pay for Poor Quality

Although it might be tempting to cut costs by paying for cheaper equipment, that decision can yield very negative results. Staying on budget is important, but when you’re putting together the budget you should be thinking about a system that is both high-quality and a fair price.

Always buy from reputable vendors and brands. If you pay for low-quality equipment, you’ll wind up with low-quality results and, furthermore, high maintenance costs. When you pay for high-quality equipment, you’re paying for reliable services.

Keep the Products in Mind

Even if the conveyor system is a good price, it has to be a good fit for the products you’ll be placing on it every day. When you’re buying a conveyor system, it’s crucial to consider the properties of your products. These properties include weight, length, size, width, abrasiveness, fragility, and moisture content.

Additionally, consider whether or not the materials are corrosive, flammable, or explosive in any way. Not pairing the right conveyor system with your products can lead to situations including but not limited to product damage, system damage, and costly upkeep.

Consider the Maintenance Needs

When you’re talking with vendors about conveyor systems, always inquire about the maintenance procedures. Carrying out maintenance requires downtime, which means the system won’t be able to complete tasks until after the process is complete.

To prevent downtime from making a major impact on your workflow, schedule upkeep procedures well in advance, and on a day that downtime will be less detrimental.

Some equipment vendors will carry out regularly scheduled upkeep themselves, so be sure to clarify that prior to the purchase. Having a maintenance schedule and team in place will help you keep the conveyor system functioning as well as it should be.

Consider Your Available Space and Potential Expansion

It’s crucial to make sure you have enough space in your facility to fit the conveyor system, while also leaving enough room for employees to complete tasks like repairs and regular upkeep. However, there is one key factor you should consider, and that’s expansion.

other valuable tips:

If you build yourself into a corner, so to speak, and install a conveyor system without the available space to expand the system as your company grows, then you’ll find yourself in a stressful situation. Luckily, you can avoid that stress by planning ahead and installing the system in an area that has sufficient space available for expansion.

These tips for finding the right conveyor system for your facility can help you avoid costly mistakes while perusing the market. After all, these systems should make your workflow better, not worse.

Making the effort to learn about the different options for conveyor systems available will help your search go much more efficiently and successfully than it would otherwise.

Image Credit: conveyor system by Pixabay

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