Different Tools Used To Cut Metal

Different Tools Used To Cut Metal
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    One of the most challenging parts of working with metal is making cuts.

    While most of the tools in hardware stores aim to cut wood, many will also slice through harder substances if you take the proper precautions.


Here is a look at six different tools used to cut metal.


Much like how they aid in every intrepid Christmas tree hunter’s quest to obtain the perfect pine, a hacksaw is also useful when cutting some types of metal.

For example, a hacksaw can efficiently work through many types of metal pipes. Though not as efficient as other methods, it is still an inexpensive option that will satisfy most homeowners.

Circular Saw

You can outfit many of the same circular saws used to cut wood with a special cutting blade that enables you to cut metal. These blades are ideal for quickly cutting basic cuts on materials such as sheet metal and steel studs.

When using a circular saw, be sure to wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

Rotary and Oscillating Tools

Occasionally, you will need to cut through a piece of metal that is already in place or in a tight space. When this happens, a rotary tool is just what you need to get the job done.

For those times when you need to cut through wood with screws, nails, or staples driven in, an oscillating tool is the one you should grab.

As with circular saws, make sure to equip rotary and oscillating tools with a blade specifically manufactured to cut metal.

Cold Saw

Though there are many different tools used to cut metal, most of them face the same restrictions imposed by heat. Fortunately, there is a device called a cold saw that is resistant to this menace.

A cold saw reduces the friction and heat from the cutting process using a special coolant, enabling you to create neat, straight cuts. This option is more expensive, but the investment is worthwhile for many machine and fabrication shops.

Band Saw

Another type of saw you can use to work your way through metal is a band saw. While they will never be the quickest or most efficient way to complete a project, band saws do have one clear advantage over most other options: they are incredibly precise.

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This precision is ideal for angles and different shapes needing exact cuts. Knowing the differences between horizontal and vertical band saws will make selecting the right option easier.


Sometimes, it just takes a good fire to resolve the situation. In the case of metal cutting, that tool is usually some form of an oxy-fuel torch. After ignition, this tool can generate enough heat to melt its way through many different types of metals.

There is an obvious danger when working with open flames and volatile gases, so be sure to exercise the proper precautions if this is the route you choose to take.

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