Signs That Your Company Needs New Product Packaging

Signs That Your Company Needs New Product Packaging
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    Packaging is an art unto itself and can be the root of success for a product or its undoing.

    Knowing how to strike a balance between security, graphic design, and cost-effectiveness is no easy task, but it’s necessary to create something that generates consumer interest.


Therefore, you need to be aware of the signs that your company needs new product packaging. Catching them too late or ignoring them for too long can mean disaster for your business and failure for your product.

There Are Changes to Your Product

It’s natural for a product to go through changes during its life, but it is also important to ensure that your packaging shifts along with it when necessary. Differences in size, shape, or weight can render old packaging obsolete and may even compromise the integrity of the package or the product.

  • Treat Merchandise and Packaging as One Product

    Changes to your merchandise may require changes to the packaging and vice versa. You need to treat the two as a singular, cohesive unit as a result.

    Merchandise that doesn’t fit well in its own packaging can experience damage or avoidable wear and tear over time, compromising your product and potentially angering consumers.

Increase in Tampering

A product that someone has tampered with is no longer a product that you can sell. If you find that there has been a decrease in the security of your packaging, you need to identify the root cause and correct it.

Sometimes, the problem may arise from the way you seal the package. With weaker sealing, the package is more likely to break.

See if you need more robust seals.

You can then implement solutions to reinforce the packaging designs depending on their specific needs. For example, investing in staples for sealing can be ideal for many products. But they may prove to be too much for smaller merchandise.

The Cost of Packaging Is Too High

Having high-quality packaging that stands out on store shelves is the goal of any business, but there is a certain point when over-designing merchandise can have negative repercussions. Packages that cost too much cut into profits while not necessarily making the product any better.

There are cases where it’s smart to substitute packaging materials with cheaper alternatives. This practice can result in retention of the construction quality while also making packages more affordable to create.

  • Don’t Cut Corners

    It can be appealing to start cutting away expenses in product design wherever possible, but that will only cause the same problem by different means.

    Finding less expensive materials is not in and of itself a bad thing, but using extremely low-quality materials is an issue. Consumers will know when a product has dropped in quality, and they will begin to look for alternative products.

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Act Sooner Than Later

The longer you hold off on redesigning your package, the more your profits may suffer. Identifying the signs that your company needs new product packaging and addressing them as soon as possible will mitigate potential losses in sales and help you avoid any ill-will from consumers.

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