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Employee Management

6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

Everyone is always talking about keeping customers happy. But what about employees?

Employee Issues

Having Trouble With Your Employees? Here are 5 Tips for Dealing With Employee Issues

As employees, we have come across different types of people with different personalities, beliefs, cultures and ways of thinking. Well, I have no problem at all with that.

Employee Issues

Perfect Employee Management to Reduce Attrition

Once a company employs somebody, it assumes that the compensation package is enough to keep the person motivated and provide his best. Problems arise when the business is faced with issues of low motivation, lack of responsibility, poor discipline, and eventually a high attrition rate.

Employee Management

How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated

Tweet How to motivate employees to work better? Business owners want to know how to motivate employees to work better, but that kind of thinking is flawed. You cannot motivate

Business Management

5 Business Strategies for the Months Ahead

Your business is moving forward, successfully making the transition from one season to the next. Yet, you do have some concerns on where you are headed and how best to respond.

Business Management

Customer Loyalty and Customer Service Go Hand in Hand

Do you want more customers for your business? Do you desire to retain the customers that you already have?


How to Pay Your Employees What They Are Worth

You know how to run your business quite well, keeping on top of the cost of materials, utilities as well as what your competitors are charging. What may mystify you are salary pay scales, specifically, the amount of compensation and benefits any particular employee should receive.