Significance of Manual Handling Videos

Significance of Manual Handling Videos
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    Whether it is a small or a large business, safety is always the top priority.

    Informative videos play a key role in not only educating the employees, but at the same time, these videos also help the employees with the procedure of handling different tasks.


There are different companies that have a higher risk of danger, which includes dealing with oil or gas, construction, or manufacturing. That is the reason it becomes essential for you to implement the strictest guideline, which should be followed in these kinds of working environments in order to protect the lives of the workers or staff.

Why safety training and manual handling videos are helpful?

One of the ways of avoiding unfortunate incidents & unwanted cases of negligence at work is to implement strong safety training and manual, using manual handling videos can be a great move. Videos are more effective and create a stronger impact as compared to vocal instruction.

Moreover, people can access these videos when required, thus following the safety practices. Every company has several fields of specialization and so the need to keep that particular area safe certainly requires a safety training video.

Manual handling videos are considered to create a positive working environment. This is all about educating workers or employees on how to safely move the heavy equipment either by carry, pushing, lowering, lifting, or pulling them.

This is considered as the best training program for the employees as well as the employers because this gives you the right opportunity to decrease the risk of injuries while at work. As a result, this prevents causing immediate & long-term injuries resulting in absences.

As a result, causing long-term and immediate injuries, which have a profound effect on the individual worker/employee or on the company as a whole.

Benefits of manual handling videos and safety training videos for your workplace:

  • Message continuity –

    Whether you are performing refresher training for the existing employees or making an initiative for conducting the induction of new staff, using the manual handling videos and safety training videos ensures that every trainee receives an exactly same message which you wanted to have in a similar way.

    This becomes a crucial factor in a company’s ability to obey all the regulations and rules in order to achieve a safe & healthy environment.

  • A video represents a thousand words –

    In the majority of the cases, the video is very useful to deliver a message in the crispest, efficient or effective manner without uttering a single word, while trying to describe one specific action or technique.

    You must agree that time is very precious nowadays. So, you should never miss any opportunity to communicate the safety message through these particular videos more efficiently in order to produce a positive effect on the concerned workspace.

  • Conveying the emotion in an apt manner –

    Any idea or message is very easy to remember if this is an impactful one. A safety training or manual handling video is a great way of ensuring that audiences are receiving messages efficiently with absolutely clear ideas regarding workplace safety.

    For the videos to be effective, it is important that you must ensure that the video is of great quality and has the right information. You must check the content of the video before putting it in the training module.

    You ought to educate your staff in a safe operation regarding the key roles within your organization. Also, this helps in promoting awareness & increases the chances of discussion on safe work practices, which can lead to safety improvements in the workplace.

other valuable tips:


Workplace injuries can be unpredictable, and if you want to prevent these accidents with proper interventions, then you should take the proper measures to prevent the same. The manual handling videos and safety training videos have proved to be very effective in preventing accidents in the workplace across various industries. They are widely used for the training of the employees and workers so that they remain careful while working.

Image Credit: manual handling videos by Pixabay

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